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"Dino's Horn"

Necklace 'Dino's Horn'

Necklace "Dino's Horn" is made with Dinosaur Bone, Sterling Silver (925) and leather cord


Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaurs lived on Earth from 230 to 65 million years BC. It is believed that they became extinct due to an enormous asteroid hitting the Earth. But their bones are still found today. Cellular structure of dinosaur bones has been replaced by quartz, and this has resulted in an extremely strong crystallized bone, which is used to make jewelry.
Dinosaur bone is good for memory and strengthens physical abilities. It calms anxiety, depression and basic concerns of survival. It is also facilitates communicating with others. Those who research previous lives find dinosaur bones helpful because they have a direct link to the past.
Dinosaur bone also heals broken bones and facilitates the treatment of paralysis. Also, it regulates body temperature, regenerates vitality and helps in case of hearing problems.


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