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"Age of Awakening"

Jewellery Set 'Age of Awakening'


Jewellery Set "Age of Awakening" is made with Tiger Eye and Sterling Silver (925)


Each morning we wake up with new energy, welcoming the new day. Each spring the earth, along with plants, animals and people, wakes from its hibernation. Right now we are about to welcome a new era, a wake-up for the whole mankind.

And while I stood there

I saw more than I can tell,

and I understood more than I saw;
for I was seeing in a sacred manner

the shapes of things in the spirit,

and the shape of all shapes as they must
live together like one being.

Black Elk


Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is characterized by the following keywords: practicality, vitality, logic, creativity and balance. It has an immense power to overcome dualities. Tiger Eye helps to find a balance between the earthly and spiritual, negative and positive, joy and sadness. It teaches us to live without judging others around us and shows that everything is the creation of God, with no good or bad, right or wrong. As a stone of balance it unites the energies of earth and heaven, letting heavenly energies reach and anchor itself to the earth. It’s a protective stone that has been used as a good-luck charm against curses and bad energies since ancient times. Tiger Eye is also a carrier of the energy of Christ, helping to get in contact with Christ-consciousness and bring it into everyday life.
Tiger Eye strengthens blood, eyes, throat and genitals. It increases vitality and is therefore helpful in case of fatigue and depression.


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