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"Warm Summer Night"

Earrings 'Warm Summer Night'


Earrings "Warm Summer Night" is made with Fire Agate and Gold Filled (14K/20) 


Fire Agate

Fire agate is characterized by the following: creativity, self-expression, vitality, sexuality, willpower. 
Due to its strong connection to the Earth, it is a perfect companion for those who would like to escape from their earthly troubles to the spiritual world. It helps us remember that we have come to Earth with a reason and gives us life force to cope with earthly burdens. Fire agate lights up our inner fires – vitality, creativity, sexuality and willpower. In addition, fire agate is a strongly protective stone, which protects us from bad faith by building a protective wall around us, sending evil back to its sources. Fire agate gives us sense of security, assuredness and peace of mind. It opens up our channels of creativity, so that inspiration can flow into our minds and into all our artistic expressions. 
Since fire agate influences mainly the first three chakras (root chakra, sexual chakra and solar plexus chakra), it offers great help in healing digestive and sexual organs. Additionally, it strengthens blood circulation, nervous system and eyes.


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