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"Forest Fairy"

Necklace 'Forest Fairy'


Necklace "Forest Fairy" with chalcedony, peridot, freshwater pearls and sterling silver (925)

Walking in the forests I like to think that it is full of fairies with their own tasks and that together they stand to ensure order in the forest. When the night falls, they hold parties that cannot be seen by the human eye… 



Chalcedony has received its name after an old Greek city Chalcedon. It was thought that drinking from a goblet made of chalcedony and girt with silver helped to avoid poisonings. This crystal was supposed to protect from accidents and ensure safety. Chalcedony is a crystal that increases self-confidence, goodwill and generosity. It as also been used to dispel negative thoughts and emotions, because it transforms melancholy into joy and chaos into harmony. 
Chalcedony soothes all problems in the neck and upper back area. It helps to slow down bleeding and speeds up the healing of wounds. Chalcedony is an especially good stone for women with difficulties stemming from menopause. Eyes, bones, gallbladder, spleen and blood circulation also benefit from chalcedony.

Chalcedony can be found in many different colours. Different colours add different characteristics. For example, greenish crystal helps its owner regard others with love and care, thereby attracting loving relations.


In ancient times, Peridot was considered to be the symbol of the sun. For example, the Greek thought it gives the energy of royalty to the one wearing it. 
Peridot is known for its cleansing character. It neutralizes the effect and helps to get rid of toxins that burden subtle and physical bodies and mind. Peridot plays an important role in opening and harmonizing the heart and solar plexus chakras, creating an integration of Love and Will. It can also be used to energize one's work, whether it be raising children, building business or tending one's garden. Peridot helps to let go of "old baggage", it helps to admit mistakes and move on. Used in a necklace, peridot protects against negative emotions. 
Peridot is good for skin, heart, lungs, gallbladder, and it strengthens eyes.


Jewelry made of pearls has always been appreciated. Most of the bridal jewelry is made of pearls as they are symbols of fidelity, innocence and purity. Because a pearl grows inside a living organism and is born through considerable suffering, it is thought that it can understand sadness and pain. Pearls also symbolize the maturing of a soul, wisdom and enlightening. A round pearl facilitates concentration and helps to achieve unity with one’s feelings. Pearls symbolize feminity and honesty, they are helpful in feeling dignified. 
White pearls symbolize innocence and faith.



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