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"Sailing the Seven Seas"

Earrings 'Sailing the Seven Seas' with citrine and sterling silver

 Earrings "Sailing the Seven Seas" with citrine and sterling silver

When going out to sea, one has to have proper equipment. But even more important is to have respect for the sea. It is the same with Life. When sailing on the sea of Life, always carry respect for Life in your heart.



Sun, warmth, prosperity – these are the keywords characterizing citrine. In addition, citrine is a powerful cleanser and never needs to be cleaned. It brings clarity of thought and increases creativity. It is helpful for people who use hands in their work, like jewellers, engravers, illusionists, etc. This crystal helps to achieve earthly goals: good education, well-paid job, successful business, as it brings in power and concentration. Since citrine carries solar energy, it helps overcome depression, sadness and nervousness. 
Citrine also strengthens immune system, digestion and blood circulation, and helps overcome fatigue. It rids the body of toxins, lessens body weight, and aids in getting rid of cellulite.



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