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"Heaven's Gate"

necklace 'Heaven's Gate' with lapis lazuli and copper


Necklace "Heaven's Gate" with lapis lazuli and copper


Octogram, an eight pointed star, etc. There are several names for this important symbol. I’m familiar with the octogram mainly from socks and sweaters knitted by grandma. Somehow it’s warm and cozy and very Estonian. I was surprised to learn that this symbol was already used by the Sumerians. It is an ancient symbol of protection, which defends us from evil and brings happiness. Octogram also is a symbol of sun, source, North Star, morning star, four cardinal points and I’m sure it has several other meanings. Surely everyone will find exactly what they need in this symbol, but it must be said that it carries enormous power. Octogram has also been called an eight-pointed star. Number eight sideways is a sign of infinity – eternity, endlessness. In China, number eight symbolizes the totality and comprehensiveness of the Universe. For me, octogram is like a gate – a Heaven’s Gate, and after passing through we can fly higher and see the bigger picture of life.
It is a relatively simple, but also a very powerful necklace. It carries several symbols that already separately have mighty energy. There is a circle in the middle – a circle of lapis lazuli. A circle is a sacred symbol marking infinity, unconditional and unlimited love. Around the circle the are two crossing eyes, which together form an all-seeing protective eye. The shape of the eye or vesica piscis is a symbol through which light was introduced to this world. It is the symbol of beginning which appears when female and male aspects unite. There are four eagles flying around the octogram. An eagle is a bird that can fly higher than any other bird, and that is why it has been considered a messenger of God. And as there is a circle in the middle of everything, the pendant is surrounded with a circle – divine infinity, with no beginning or end.


Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone of royalty and spirituality. It helps to bring out the inner king or queen that lies buried in each of us. Lapis lazuli also helps to enhance spiritual development, it rids the mind of old thought patterns, fears and tensions, bringing better connection between feelings and thoughts. Lapis lazuli gives you power to fulfil your dreams. It also helps to achieve peace of mind, honesty, justness and sympathy. Lapis lazuli is a crystal that brings forth the truth and helps to accomodate the lessons taught by the truth.
Lapis lazuli helps with throat problems stemming from repressed anger, brings down fever and appeases convulsions and pain. It lessens edemas and rashes, and is good for reducing blood pressure.



Copper is like a bridge between Heaven and Earth, sending spiritual energies to Earth, making the invisible visible. Since copper is a good conductor of energies, it strengthens the energy of all stones (mainly earth-element) related to it. Copper teaches ancient wisdom about harmony on Earth. It encourages one to experiment and discover everything new.
Already in ancient Greece copper plates were used to cure tumors, joint and tonsil inflammations and skin diseases. Copper helped avoid the emergence of rachitis and epilepsy. It plays an important role in our body, helping the damaged tissue recover. Also, it adds to the role of iron to produce haemoglobin and red blood cells. Copper increases vitality and supports the healing of an organism.




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