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"Light Blue Dream"

Jewellery Set 'Light Blue Dream' with aquamarine and sterling silver (925)


Jewellery Set "Light Blue Dream" with aquamarine and sterling silver (925)



In ancient times it was believed that aquamarine is the treasure of the mermaids and therefore sailors used it as a talisman that protected them and brought them luck and braveness. It was considered to be the stone of eternal youth and happiness.
Also today aquamarine is considered to bring courage and boldness. Since it is a semi-precious stone activating the throat chakra, it helps to express the truth without hesitation. Aquamarine comforts and calms, but does not make one sluggish. On the contrary, it is like a refreshing waterfall that brings clarity and peace. Aquamarine clears us from fears and blockages bringing them on the surface and helping to understand their causes, especially those related to communication. It is of great help to those who are afraid to communicate with others or to those who have a speech to give.



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