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Ring with a natural sunstone

Ring with a natural sunstone and sterling silver (925)


I made this ring with natural sunstone and sterling silver (925)



Sunstone is a crystal that brings joy, warmth, liberty, prosperity, vitality and light into our lives. It activates the second and third chakras, thus powering our creative and sexual energies, and the energy of the willpower. Sunstone is the only crystal carrying the puristic energy of the Sun. It melts the feeling of worthlessness and allows us to shine just the way we are.
Carrying the sunstone as a ring on your left hand helps us receive everything we want and need. Carrying it on your right hand helps to distribute and channel healing energy to everybody else. Carrying it around your heart aligns the wisdom of the heart with mind and inspiration. It is also a great stone for those on high positions, because it helps to find inner strength and self-discipline to move on. Sunstone is useful at business meetings as well, as it helps to recognize those with righteous intentions.
Sunstone brings happiness and works as an antidepressant even to the biggest pessimists. It allows one to see the world with greater degree of optimism and switches on a positive approach to life.




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