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"The Birth of Venus"

Jewellery Set 'The Birth of Venus' with agate-geode, freshwater pearls and sterling silver (925)


Jewellery Set "The Birth of Venus" with agate-geode, freshwater pearls and sterling silver (925)

The name of this set is inspired by an Italian painter Sandro Botticelli’s work “The Birth of Venus”. The painting depicts the birth of Venus, goddess of love, from seafoam, where she is being carried to the shore on a seashell.
In this set, Venus is symbolized by the pearl in the crystal nest. Crystals around the pearl are like seafoam. The pearls carry feminine energy, compassion and wisdom. Every woman’s heart is like a shell containing a gorgeous pearl that teaches us to be a Woman, first of all in our hearts. Having discovered this pearl in ourselves, we can be born as a Woman again and see the world through the eyes of Love.


Agate brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance and helps to harmonize jin and yang energies. It has a calming and tension-relieving effect. It is a crystal that works slowly, but brings great strength. Agate is a protective stone which keeps negative energies away. As a close-to-earth stone, it offers support in difficult situations. Agate also increases self-confidence, analytical skills, concentration and perception. In addition, it is helpful in overcoming negativity and heartache. Agate heals anger, and encourages love and willingness to start over.


Geode is an opening in the rock which houses a number of crystal tips. Geodes contain and boost the energy within them. They help to see the whole picture and thereby shape one’s future. Geodes (particularly amethyst-geodes) are useful assistants while meditating, because they enhance spiritual growth. Geodes can also be used to offload guilt and addiction.


Jewelry made of pearls has always been appreciated. Most of the bridal jewelry is made of pearls as they are symbols of fidelity, innocence and purity. Because a pearl grows inside a living organism and is born through considerable suffering, it is thought that it can understand sadness and pain. Pearls also symbolize the maturing of a soul, wisdom and enlightening. A round pearl facilitates concentration and helps to achieve unity with one’s feelings. Pearls symbolize feminity and honesty, they are helpful in feeling dignified.

White pearls symbolize innocence and faith



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