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Earrings "Eight Pointed Star" with Clear Quartz


Octogram, an eight pointed star, etc. There are several names for this important symbol. I’m familiar with the octogram mainly from socks and sweaters knitted by grandma. Somehow it’s warm and cozy and very Estonian. I was surprised to learn that this symbol was already used by the Sumerians. It is an ancient symbol of protection, which defends us from evil and brings happiness. Octogram also is a symbol of sun, source, North Star, morning star, four cardinal points and I’m sure it has several other meanings. Surely everyone will find exactly what they need in this symbol, but it must be said that it carries enormous power. Octogram has also been called an eight-pointed star. Number eight sideways is a sign of infinity – eternity, endlessness. In China, number eight symbolizes the totality and comprehensiveness of the Universe. For me, octogram is like a gate – a Heaven’s Gate, and after passing through we can fly higher and see the bigger picture of life. 


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healer on this planet! It cleanses organs from blockages and injects energy to them. If you hold Clear Quartz against your body, the biomagnetic field will become twice as strong. Three very important keywords about Clear Quartz are: boosting energy, programmability and memory. It means that Clear Quartz can effectively be used to reach any goals by programming it correspondingly (for example, if we want to quit smoking, we program it so that it would help us get rid of an addiction, etc). Clear Quartz remembers it and amplifies it. Clear Quartz is also a great assistant on the spiritual road because it raises our energy onto the highest possible level.
Clear Quartz can be used with any sickness because it strengthens the immune system and balances the body. It is useful for the nervous system, and boosts hair and nail growth.

Length of the earrings: 4,5 cm 




Price: 27.00 EUR Sold
Weight: 5.6 gr
Material: clear quartz and sterling silver (925)