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Bracelet 'Balance' with marble and sterling silver


Bracelet "Balance" with marble and sterling silver (925)


Achieving balance plays a great role in our lives. Being internally balanced we can remain calm even when outside conditions do not favor it. The stone in the center of this bracelet has two main colors and a pattern that almost like symbolizes mankind’s striving for balance. There is still a long way to achieve that, but the goal and will is there. On both sides of the stone are the symbols of infinity – eternity and balance. From the center of these symbols, blooms grow out to show that by achieving balance we will flourish.



Marble is a metamorphic rock meaning that it has originated from some other type of rock and as a result of geological processes over millions of years, has become marble. Marble can be found in many colors and patterns. Marble is a rock that cleanses us which makes it very useful for the blood and skin. It calms and balances. In addition, marble brings clarity and mastery of thought and helps to remember dreams. It is believed that thanks to marble we can access the unused parts of our brains more easily.