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Earrings with garnet

Earrings with garnet, carnelian and gold (585)


Earrings: garnet, carnelian and gold (585)



Garnet is a very energizing stone. It is less powerful and softer than ruby. Garnet is a symbol of feminine sexual power, it energizies sex organs and stimulates the controlled rise of kundalini energy.
Garnet is especially suitable for active people as it helps them live in the present moment, look for the next step and achieve the final goal. It is also known as a stone of successful business.
It is especially good for the heart, blood, circulation and lungs. It relieves also rheuma and skin disorders. Because it is good for blood and circulation, it helps to recover from anemia and restore vitality and strength.



Carnelian is a crystal that brings vitality, creativity, sexuality and self-confidence. In addition, it increases optimism, tolerance and endurance. Carnelian is an earthly stone that directs you to reality. It facilitates business success and helps to fulfil plans and ideas, adding physical strength as well. Emotionally it helps to get rid of jealousy, rage and displeasure, replacing them with love of life.
Carnelian relieves lower body pains, increases fertility and heals rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It also improves the intake of vitamins and minerals, lowers blood pressure and facilitates haematogenesis.