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Inspired from Heaven, inspired from Earth, made in Between... This is the best way to describe my work. I get my inspiration from everywhere - from the crystals, from nature, from my children’s drawings etc. But most of the ideas arrive when the head has been cleared of all other thoughts, giving infinite space for inspiration.

For me, making jewellery has been, and still is, an exciting and intense experience. Crystals, gold and silver have opened a world of fascinating discoveries and there are endless opportunities to find new ways of working with them.

Most of the jewellery first appears as a sketch on a piece of paper. You can never be sure of the final outcome, even with the vision laid down as a drawing. Creating a piece may take days, weeks or even months. In some cases the initial idea turns into a beautiful piece fairly soon, but with some other pieces it takes considerable time to reach the perfect outcome.

Spending time with gemstones is a very healing experience and I highly recommend it to everybody. Carrying a gemstone with you, whether as a piece of jewellery or as a tumbled or even a raw crystal, has a healing effect. Many have probably felt that a certain stone or crystal has a special attraction which is remembered for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you have found it on the beach, in the woods or in a jewellery store, because each stone and crystal has its own energy. In such case I would recommend to keep or acquire that stone, as it is said that crystals choose their owners – you just have to hear its call. And those who do not believe in such effect may just enjoy their captivating beauty.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll find something here that will touch your soul, because I have made all the jewellery with love and special care. Jewellery that I have made earlier can be found on


Ene Lumi