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Jewellery Set 'Glamour'

Jewellery Set "Glamour" is made with White Topaz, Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver (925)


White Topaz

For ages, topaz has been known as the crystal of love, prosperity and truth. If you maintain the purity of your thoughts and continuously believe in fulfilling your dreams, white topaz helps to speed it up. White topaz is also helpful to those who are afraid of speaking the truth. It insinuates self-confidence to face the truth. Topaz distinguishes between those who speak the truth and those who lie. White topaz purifies thoughts and mind, and opens you up for love coming from all sources. It beams light that defeats the darkness.
White topaz strengthens nails and hair. It cures illnesses related to eyes and liver, and assuages edginess.


Jewelry made of pearls has always been appreciated. Most of the bridal jewelry is made of pearls as they are symbols of fidelity, innocence and purity. Because a pearl grows inside a living organism and is born through considerable suffering, it is thought that it can understand sadness and pain. Pearls also symbolize the maturing of a soul, wisdom and enlightening. A round pearl facilitates concentration and helps to achieve unity with one’s feelings. Pearls symbolize feminity and honesty, they are helpful in feeling dignified. White pearls symbolize innocence and faith