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"Flight of an Eagle"

necklace 'Flight of an Eagle'


Necklace "Flight of an Eagle" is made with Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver (925) 


May you have the strength

Of eagles' wings,

The faith and courage to

Fly to new heights,

And the wisdom

Of the universe

To carry you there.

An eagle flies higher than any other bird and is able to hunt for pray from several kilometers without turning its eye away from it. Wisdom, courage and skill are the reasons why so many cultures respect eagles. Throughout time, eagle has been considered the messenger of God. It can see things from a wider perspective and be closer to God. It has the wisdom of both, Heaven and Earth – Heaven feeds its soul and Earth feeds its body.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty and spirituality. It helps to bring out the inner king or queen that lies buried in each of us. Lapis lazuli also helps to enhance spiritual development, it rids the mind of old thought patterns, fears and tensions, bringing better connection between feelings and thoughts. Lapis lazuli gives you power to fulfil your dreams. It also helps to achieve peace of mind, honesty, justness and sympathy. Lapis lazuli is a crystal that brings forth the truth and helps to accomodate the lessons taught by the truth.
Lapis lazuli helps with throat problems stemming from repressed anger, brings down fever and appeases convulsions and pain. It lessens edemas and rashes, and is good for reducing blood pressure.