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Necklace 'Journey' with chrysoprase and sterling silver


Necklace "Journey" with chrysoprase and sterling silver (925)

Life is full of circles – circle of life, circle of years, circle of experiences… But we finish each circle a little higher than where we started from. It creates an always ascending spiral of growth. That allows us to be a bit more experienced and smarter than what we where when we started. This journey is eternal, without a beginning and without an end.



Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart. It provides energetic support for the heart and also strengthens its emotional side. Chrysoprase helps us receive the universal energy of love and reminds us of being part of the divine wholeness. It reaffirms our inherent right to prosperity, joy and health. Chrysoprase helps us deal with resentment and disappointment stemming from breakups and prepares the heart for new relationships. It has a soothing effect and it opens us to new situations. Also, it carries the energy of growth and faith, bringing hope and light into the darkest of darkness.
Chrysoprase is a crystal of youth, keeping the body and soul young and energetic. It strengthens the organism as a whole and it helps to recover from illnesses. It helps to fight eye and skin problems and is useful against STDs. Chrysoprase can heal the heart and thyroid gland, relieve stress and bring restful sleep.