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Necklace 'Treasures' with koroit opal and sterling silver


Necklace "Treasures" with koroit opal and sterling silver (925)

Treasures and treasure hunt has been attracting people for ages. Shorter and longer trips have been undertaken to discover hidden fortunes. Some people search for that in their backyard, some travel the world. Whether it’s successful or not depends on what we look for. For those wanting to find the ultimate treasure, the most difficult task of all is a journey into oneself. Since true fortune can be found only inside us.

Koroit Opal

Koroit Opal originates from Australia where opal grooves have developed in ironstone. It is a very beautiful gemstone and each stone is a masterpiece! Koroit Opal is a very spiritual stone, cleansing chakras from blockages and bringing light into aura. It helps to remember previous lives and establishes contact with angelt and spiritual mentors. It is also helpful in case of communication problems between people. Koroit Opal is a stone of loyalty and stability – especially useful for those who have trouble staying in one place!
Koroit Opal heals problems with eyesight and brings out the inner beauty.